Debut album by Jannis Anastasakis & Thodoris Rellos!

The music duo of Thodoris Rellos (bari-sax, flute, voice) and Jannis Anastasakis (el.guitar, cl.guitar, effects, live-sampling, analog synth bass) present their first joined recording titled “HORSELOVERFAT” * released on CD & limited-edition white LP.

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The material and compositions in the record, where created during the duo’s live performances in the course of the past 5 years, the improvisations and experimentations with their instruments’ naturally produced sounds while referring to and drawing inspiration from american sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick’s short-stories.

* HORSELOVER FAT is Phillip K. Dick’s alter ego in his book “VALIS”
Philip is a given name, derived from the Greek Φίλιππος (Philippos, meaning: “horse-loving” or “fond of horses”)
Dick (in German) translates into FAT

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Live with Christian Fennesz

Jannis Anastasakis participated in both Christian Fennesz‘s performances in Athens at the St Paul’s Anglican Church, for a short improv set.

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Interview at Guitar Moderne

A great interview by Michael Ross from Guitar Moderne :

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New York Times about the “634 minutes in the Volcano” performance

Jannis Anastasakis had a small chat with Charly Wilder from “the New York Times” about the night in the volcano :

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Collaboration with Coti K.

a new piece – collaboration with Coti K.

drums : Michael Kapilidis

photo / cover : Deniz Angelaki

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Videos with Floros Floridis & Yorgos Dimitriadis

Jannis Anastasakis had 10 concerts in Greece with Floros Floridis & Yorgos Dimitriadis in March 2016.

You can watch 2 video / excerpts from their performances :


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New video “plague”

a medley video from Jannis Anastasakis’ latest project, “plague” :

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New videos with Nikos Giousef (musical saw)

On 11/9/15 Jannis Anastasakis did a free-improvised session with Nikos Giousef (musical saw) for the Euro-PA.

You can watch the session (split into 3 parts) here :

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Reviews from the appearance in Ben Frost concert

You can read below 2 review from Jannis Anastasakis’ performance in Ben Frost concert in Athens :

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interview for LIFO press

You can read an interview from Jannis Anastasakis in LIFO press :

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opening act in Ben Frost concert

Jannis Anastasakis will be opening the Ben Frost concert which will take place in Romantso, Athens (23rd May, 2015)

Deniz Angelaki will be handling the visuals and live painting.

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Jannis Anastasakis solo project

Jannis Anastasakis is working on a new solo project, that he is going to perform live @Deteriorate Sound Festival, (six dogs, Athens) on 1st April.

The complete absence of the guitar is the new challenge, and ground noise will be used as input source to be live edited and manipulated with effects.

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New Elektronik Meditation recording

Elektronik Meditation’s latest album, recorded live in Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway.

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Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum is one of the most inspiring places in the world, with a unique natural 14 second reverb !

Feel free to support us by buying the digital album !

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